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Spotify (wine+proxy)- Connection lost. Reconnecting

At University I am running Spotify through a proxy (and wine) which seems to result in lost of connections with 4 different error codes (shown below). What’s strange is I can usually get around 15/20 tracks at the start of the day without loosing connection and then it becomes gradually more frequent until I can’t even play an entire song.

If anyone else is experiencing these issues and have any ideas on how to workaround it or fix it please leave a comment and I’ll make sure to update this post if I get anywhere with the issue.

Connection lost. Reconnecting (error code:101)
Connection lost. Reconnecting (error code:107)
Connection lost. Reconnecting (error code:9)
Connection lost. Reconnecting (error code:114)

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I’m expirencing the same problem (error code: 114) but couldn’t find a fix for it yet. I disabled the DoS protection in my router, replaced the DNS servers and put my PC (Running Spotify through wine as well) in a DMZ. Nothing helped…
Did you find a fix yet?

I am also experiencing this same problem and have found some ways to fix it but you have to buy it.

Very similar problem, although I think it is only on ethernet cable. In areas where I have Wifi Spotify works better.

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