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Howto: Use Xbox Controllers (original, 360, 360 wireless, 360 guitar) with Linux

Great guide by wootah from the of how to get the wireless receiver for PC working under linux, using the Userspace Xbox/Xbox360 USB Gamepad Driver for Linux from grumbel. It works pretty much perfectly, I use it as a remote to control my laptop when it is displayed on my TV.

Supported Controllers

  • Original Xbox controllers through USB (with a cable modification)
  • Xbox 360 USB Controllers
  • Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers through the Wireless USB Adapter
  • Xbox 360 USB Guitar

Some third party controllers may work as well (MadCatz) and they are probably already available. To check support for a particular controller, review the file xboxdrv.cpp and look for the line XPadDevice xpad_devices. You may even be able to add in support for your particular controller by adding the hardware identifiers into xboxdrv.cpp and recompiling the driver (the README talks about this further in depth).


  • Executes in user space on top of libusb. This means that you do not have to recompile the kernel
  • Provides a joystick device (/dev/input/js0)
  • Allows remapping of the buttons and axises
  • Support of the analog triggers (LT, RT) along with reconfiguration into a digital mode (they function just as buttons)
  • Change the LED status of the ring of light on the 360 pads

by ~Wootah – Click here for the rest of the installation.

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