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HowTo: Take Untethered Screenshots in Froyo

With the latest update of Android “Froyo”, it’s now possible to take screenshots/screen captures without the need to be plugged into a computer, mess around with the Android SDK or Root your phone. You are easily able to take screenshots of the home screen and while in any app. I have only been able to test this with a Samsung Galaxy S (I9000-GT) running

Froyo so comment on your results.

Here’s how to take a screenshot in Froyo:

Hold down Back and then press the Home button.

You should now see a pop-up near the bottom saying “Screen captured. Saved as image file” as in the following image. The files will be saved to a folder named ScreenCapture in your home directory as a .PNG.

By holding down the Back button it doesn’t actually go back if held down, it waits for you to press Home. After a few seconds of holding it down however(I can’t quite figure it out) pressing Home will continue the “going back”¬†operation¬†as if the Back button was tapped.

7 replies on “HowTo: Take Untethered Screenshots in Froyo”

Unfortunately it doesn’t work on (unbranded, unrooted) HTC Desire with 2.2 and the sense UI, anyone knows if it’s possible to make it work on this phone too?

Got a rooted vibrant with froyo also took accidental shots which let me here… however ur method doesn’t work… any help?

thank you for your post, it really works on my friend’s galaxy ace without any root.
just like Henk, works flawlessly.
but is seems didn’t work for galaxy 551, maybe because different version.

my question, does apply with gingerbread or honeycomb?
thank you so much

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