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HowTo: Fix “An error occurred while mounting” – Ubuntu Lucid (10.04)

An error occurred while mounting /dev/bus/usb (and/or)
An error occurred while mounting /proc/bus/usb

Press S to skip mounting or M for manual recovery

If you are seeing this error on boot an easy way to get rid:

  1. sudo gedit /etc/fstab
  2. Fine the following line (or lines if you are having both errors)
  3. none /proc/bus/usb usbfs defaults,devmode=0666 0 0
    none /dev/bus/usb usbfs defaults,devmode=0666 0 0

  4. Add a # infront of them to comment it out
  5. Save & Exit.

As far as I am aware everything is still working fine and it might just be something left in from Karmic which isn’t needed any longer but just to make sure comment out these lines rarther than removing them.

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It’s odd because when I run “sudo gedit /etc/fstab” it says command not found so I need to run
“gksudo gedit /etc/fstab” and it asks for a password, I enter the password and it sits there for a few seconds and then returns nothing.
Seems to be a problem with additional partitions when I look at it from the NTFS configuration tool. There are three SDA2 devices or partitions but when looking through Gparted all looks good.

Any ideas?

THANKS!!! That fixed me up!! I am using Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick (Not ready to deal with 11.04’s UNITY look… Love 10.10) and have VirtualBox 3.2 inside with Win XP on VirtualBox.

You’re a Life Saver!!! Thanks for the help!!

Here’s a tip I learned last niht. I use Belarc Advisor (Free) for Windows XP, and wanted to do similar for Ubuntu… this worked like a charm!!:

Re: Belarc Advisor
equivalent for Linux?
Not quite as polished as belarc advisor but a way to get all that info is by running this command –
Code for Terminal (copy and paste below line into a Terminal):

sudo lshw -html >> info.html

This will output a file called info.html to your home directory, just open it with firefox and you should have most of the info you need!


The system was hanging with an error “An error occurred while mounting 0”. It gave me the option to press “s” to skip or “m” to configure manually.

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