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HowTo: Install & Use Resynthesizer for GIMP

Remember this Photoshop CS5 sneak peak showing off it’s latest and greatest feature Content-Aware Fill a couple months ago, well it turns out a reasonably old plug-in for GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) named Resynthesizer seems to work just as great and because it is what it is, it’s free and open-source.

Installing on Ubuntu 9.10/10.04 install:

sudo apt-get install gimp-resynthesizer

or for the Source/Windows/Fedora Core 4 versions see the download section.

Once you have it installed, it’s simple to use really just select something on your image that shouldn’t be there and right click on the selection Filters -> Map -> Resynthesize.. and up should pop an options box, these settings are pretty standard and will get rid of most things given that they aren’t too big. It’s best if you’re not getting the results you want to play around with the settings yourself to get to know them better.

Click after the break for an example with step by step guide.

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HowTo: Simple Tesseract Usage Guide (OCR)


(Ubuntu 9.10)

sudo apt-get install tesseract-ocr tesseract-ocr-eng

Preparing Images for Tesseract with GIMP:

  1. Load an image with text into GIMP
  2. Image > Mode > make the image RGB or Grayscale.
  3. Tools > Color Tools > Threshold > pick a value which best shows the text
  4. Image > Mode > Indexed > choose 1-bit & no dithering.
  5. Save the image as .tif (TIFF but make sure the extension is only .tif and not .tiff)


The input file MUST be .tif (not .tiff) and the output will be a .txt (extension is automatically added by tesseract) so simply typing the following should export the input image (input.tif) as a text file (output.txt).

tesseract input.tif output


Example Output:
Hello World
Alex Sleat
Testing test
All this information was found on the following Ubuntu documentation, I just had some trouble finding it so I have re-wrote as a clean simple guide for anyone else having the same trouble. All thanks goes to whoever wrote the following link. :)