SAUC-E 2011

UWESub is a UWE Robotics entry for the SAUC-E (Student AUV Challenge Europe) competition. It is an AUV built entirely by Students from the University of the West of England.

It’s goal is to perform tasks, under water without the need for human interaction or control. Tasks ranges from passing through a gate to surveying pipes on the sea bed.


2011 was the first year I took part in the project, I focused mainly on the SONAR drivers for the robot, along with helping other team members with ROS and Linux problems and set up. The competition went well given the minimal budget and only a short time before the competition.

The team qualified and performed brilliantly in the semi finials, completing a navigation task through a submerged gate and then proceeding to complete sonar scans of the harbour.In the end only 4 teams out of 10 were selected to compete in the finals. In the prize giving ceremony our team was presented with the “ Experimentation Award ” and 1000 euros, this was awarded for experimental research work involving sensor fusion and tactile whiskers.

We hope to continue this success next year, with more experience and an earlier start to allow much more to be accomplished.


More information can be found at the UWE teams SAUC-E website: