Fedora – Add User To Sudoers

Pretty simple and quick way to add a user to the sudoers list in fedora:

Login as root user: su Password: *enter root password here* Add write permissions to the sudoers file: chmod +w /etc/sudoers Add the user (change alex to the user you want to add to sudoers) to sudoers and set no password […]

Fedora 11 – Error: “Cannot retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml)”

To fix this error you will need to edit some of the repo files located in /etc/yum.repos.d/ heres how:

su – cd /etc/yum.repos.d/ gedit fedora.repo

In here you are going to want to remove the comments ‘#’ from the lines beginning with baseurl and then comment out the lines beginning with mirrorlist. Now do the same […]

Fedora 11 – Surround Sound Setup

To set up your surround sound first open up Terminal, or alternatively Alt+F2 and type the following in either: gedit /etc/pulse/daemon.conf

Now you’re looking for this line, it may be commented out so make sure to remove the ‘;’ in order for it be seen. default-sample-channels = 2 You might have a different amount […]

Lite-On PA-1900-24 Smoking

The power cable for my Acer Travelmate 5720 started playing up, it started by turning on and off just while I was typing and so I checked it out just in time to catch it smoking. So I quickly removed it from my laptop and the wall and took it outside to cool down […]