How To Take Screenshots in Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.x)

To take a screenshot in Android 4.1.x (Jelly Bean) the same button combination from Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) works:

Hold Volume Down & Power buttons for roughly a second.

You should know when the screenshot has been taken, the screen will flash white and a translation effect of the screen will take place. The screenshot should be saved in a folder /Pictures/Screenshots on your phones internal SD card, it’ll show up in the Gallery app under a “Screenshots” folder.

Taking a screenshot will also causes a notification (similar to in ICS), which display slightly different to those found in ICS,  they now show a cropped preview of the screenshot you’ve just taken.


This process works in Cyanongenmod 10, running on my Samsung Galaxy S (I9000) and should translate to all other phones and ROM’s. If it doesn’t be sure to leave a comment below.



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  • Allan

    Does’nt work on GT 3100

  • Rolandas


    its home button + power on sgs2

  • Shaz

    i usually use the combination of home button and power button to take screenshot on my galaxy s advance. it works until i update to Android 4.1.2. does anyone have any idea how to fix this. thanks in advance

  • I just updated my Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G to Jellybean, and had the hardest time figuring it out. It is indeed Power+Home. Thanks!

  • emily

    No, just updated my SGS2 to Jellybean last night and volume down + power no longer works. Home + Power does work, however. Thank you for the info, @Rolandas.

  • Scott

    My AT&T gs3 i747 does the power + home as well in jb 4.1.1

  • Scott

    Mind u that’s a US version just so u know

  • dion starfire

    Just a tip for anybody having trouble with it: you have to hit both at about the same time. It’s not like most key combos where you can hold down one key then hit the other. If you press either key by itself it’ll activate the function normally associated with that key.

  • deqjie

    S2 updated to 4.1.2.power + home button doesn’t work. Helpppp :(

  • Baysider

    After battling with this for the last 2 hours, they are actually right, it is Home + Power, but they have to be pressed and held absolutely simultaneously. If you get Power first you get the Device Options Menu and if you get Home first you get Recent Apps. When you get them simultaneous it takes the screenshot within 2 seconds.

  • Dnyanraj

    It not support my handset which is galaxy core

  • farzeb

    home power

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