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The 5 Best Features of ICS

Data Usage & Data Limit:

Forget 3Gwatchdog, Google have built in a data monitoring tool which is also capable of cutting you off when you’ve eaten too much data (if you want it to). It gives you information on how much you’ve used, what apps have been using it and how much and a handy chart which tries to predict from your previous usage how much you’ll be using over the next coming days.


Static Search Bar:

Some people seem to be in two minds about the new location of the search bar on the home screens, however you can’t hate it too much since it keeps the old 4×4 grid of icons and widgets but squeezes into the top so you can have all those short-cuts you had before, and more if you were wasting 1×4 grid cells with the old search widget!


Face Unlock:

Face unlock isn’t really a feature many people are going to use, in all fairness, but you will impress your friends with it a few times that’s for sure. That is until they realise they can just hold up a picture of you to the camera and get in to your facebook and frape you. It’d be nice to see a more sophisticated face unlock screen but more times than not you’ll be falling back to the pattern unlock because it can’t detect your face. Despite these issue, it’s a cool option to have and could be useful when you need to unlock your phone while concentrating on something else.

Dock Folders:

The dock bar at the bottom of the home screen can now handle folder, drag an icon over one that’s already docked and you’ll create a folder which can be clicked on to view both. While some people may wish to keep their dock bar for quick access of apps and prefer only to require a single click, for others, such as myself it’s an easy way of keeping the home screen looking clean and minimalistic.


Updated Multi-tasking Control:

The new multi-tasking screen or app switching screen is insanely useful, just holding down the home button for a couple of seconds brings up the overlay screen. Here you can see all the apps that are running on your phone, clicking on one will bring it in to focus and alternatively you can slide the app to the left or right to shut it down completely. Google have really given a lot more control over running apps than they have before and in a simple and efficient way.


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