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HowTo: Disable Mouse Scroll to Switch Desktop – OpenBox

Open up the openbox config file, it should be located in /home/username/.config/openbox/ but if it’s not you might have to do a little digging.

nano /~.config/openbox/rc.xml

Find the following lines and remove or comment them out, you can use Ctrl+W in nano to find:


Note: XML comments are as follow:<-- Comment -->

Save with Ctrl+X, Y, Enter (if you’re using nano) and restart OpenBox (Preferences -> OpenBox Config -> Restart) and all should be done.

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I get a “search string not found” when trying to find “DesktopPrevious” in the file. Is it possible a different term is used currently in openbox Manjaro? Dying to get rid of this scrolling desktops thing. Thanks in advance!

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