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OpenShot, libmp3lame and Ubuntu

If you’re getting the following error while trying export a video under several different codecs in OpenShot including AVI, MOV and MPEG using (mpeg2, mpeg4 or h.264) chances are this might help you with that error.

The following formats/codecs are missing from your system:


You will not be able to use the selected export profile. You will need to install the missing formats/codecs or choose a different export profile.

This is a simple fix:

  • Open up Synaptic Package Manager
  • Search “libavformat”,
    • If the current package installed is “libavformat52” select “libavformat-extra-52” (alternativly “libavformat-unstripped-52” should also work).
    • Else the package might be “libavformat53” so simply change to “libavformat-extra-53”, basically it might end in different numbers, it should work the same.
  • Hit Apply and approve the changes.

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