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HowTo: Mount USB Persistent casper-rw File in Linux

So, you’ve created an awesome Live USB Linux stick with a persistence file which let’s you boot anywhere and carry all your sweet sweet datas around on it too. If you want to see those files in Linux on your desktop or laptop outside the USB you’re going to have to mount the loop device (the casper-rw file) somewhere first. The following commands show how to make a folder and mount the loop and then unmount it too.

Just change the /media/USB/ for the mounted location of your mounted USB stick which contains the casper-rw file you want to view the contents of and the /home/alex/caspermnt/ for the mount point on your system.


 mkdir ~/caspermnt
sudo mount -o loop /media/USB/casper-rw /home/alex/caspermnt/


 sudo umount ~/caspermnt/

This can be useful for recovering data from a borked Live USB stick or for backing up your files on your computer just to be sure.

10 replies on “HowTo: Mount USB Persistent casper-rw File in Linux”

Thanks for this ‘tip’. You have saved me a lot of work by being able to rescue a ‘home’ from a borked casper rw that I spent hours putting together.

Many thanks, Frank. :)

Super and thanks, I’ve just resumed an interest in faffing with Distros and USB’s, I often wondered about this but never chased round to find out, I just stumbled across this page

Thanks very much for this. Was working on a live USB at home, brought it into the office to use on my proper Ubuntu machine and was a bit worried when I couldn’t find the files. Your clear instructions have saved me a lot of time redoing all the work!

Thank You very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very …. much!

You are a life saver.

exactly what I needed to do. Well explained. Solved my issue perfectly. (pacePapua – still up to date!!)

I have a problem that forces me to do usb-live-boot without persistence. But I need persistence. So I want to mount the casper-rw file I created on installing the usb live boot read-write. But all I do gives me a read-only mount. Any help?

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