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HowTo: Make WordPress 3.0 Default Theme (Twenty Ten) Single Column Full Width

The new WordPress default theme, Twenty Ten, is awesome but one thing that annoys me about it was the fact it’s single column template isn’t full width but instead just removing the sidebar and centering the content. It’s really easy to change that though so here’s how I did it:

  1. Under Appearance click Editor to open the theme editor
  2. If it isn’t already click on “Stylesheet (style.css)” on the right hand side (somewhere near the bottom)
  3. Now look for the following section of code (Ctrl+F will come in helpful here to find it) and change the width here from 640px to 900px then hit the Update File button:
LAYOUT: One column, no sidebar
DESCRIPTION: One centered column with no sidebar

.one-column #content {
	margin: 0 auto;
	width: 640px;

Now when you view pages which use the one column template they should fill the same amount of space that both the content and sidebar usually do.

8 replies on “HowTo: Make WordPress 3.0 Default Theme (Twenty Ten) Single Column Full Width”

ok, so i tried this more than three times. i’ve tried EVERYTHING i could possibly find on google, youtube and the wordpress site itself. i removed the widgets, but there is still a white space on the left where the sidebar would be. i can’t tell you how many hours i’ve put in trying to get a full page width on my front home screen. all my other “pages” are perfect, center and full page width, but can’t seem to get the home front page right…. please help!!!

Does´t work for me nothing happens after updating according to your instructions. I have tested several times but still it centers the content leaving a lot of space to the left.


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