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Switched RSS Feed to FeedBurner

If you have subscribed to my feed (I have no idea if anyone actually has, and I’m not entirely sure why you would want to but anyway..) I have switched to RSS powered by FeedBurner, it was a really simple process and the reason for doing so is that I like to see which of my posts are well received in order to write better ones in the future. Once the FeedBurner feed has been made it will also give you a guide into replacing all the links to your old RSS feed in order that any new readers will be using it. With page views, traffic sources, returning visitors etc. stats covered by Google Analytics and WordPress have no feedback on who is following your feeds I figured it might be a worth it.

Point of this post being, if you are using my RSS feed it’d be nice if you could change over however the old feed should still get updated so its not a requirement.

Link to new feed:

Link to FeedBurner:

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