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Is Twitter The Main Force Behind The Wave?

Google Wave has been in and out of the trending topics since the first set of beta invites were available, tons of people are still requesting and sharing invites via twitter many of who would usually not even know about Wave at this point. The massive spread of the service must be astronomical in comparison to Google Mail beta back in 2004 when mass communication tools such as Twitter weren’t around, the closest being Myspace which was only a year old and Facebook, just finding it’s feet. The huge impact Twitter has cause on Google Wave brings me to a few questions..

  • Should software or web apps be put under this much strain this early on in development?
  • It is good that the general public are becoming more aware and involved in beta testing, or should it be left to tech-heads?
  • Where would Google Wave be at without Twitter?
  • What does how openly people are sharing email addresses on Twitter show us about the publics knowledge of internet security?

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